Investment and Development

IKG is committed to making sustainable investments that will help the development of Kurdistan and wider Iraq. We are working across a variety of sectors such as quality control and assurance, recycling, green energy and concrete productions as well as construction and our hospitality ventures such as Soho Café and our chain of Dario cafes. Contributing to improving the economy and quality of life in the region.


We represent and work with international market leaders such as Lindner, Müt and Extribo.


We have been involved in a number of prestigious projects in the Kurdistan Region such as: Sulaimania University, Shary Jwan, The American University, Garden City and over 100 projects for the Municipality of Sulaimania.


For more detailed information on our projects and our international partners read through our individual sector profiles: 


Quality Control and Assurance

Construction and Contracting


Recycling and Green Energy

Our International Partners