Quality Control & Assurance

In recent years the quality of some imported goods to the Iraqi market has been below the required Iraqi and International standards, with some goods even being expired.


Our company Lox Agency (Hyperlink to Lox site) is now changing the way Quality Controls are implemented, it has been licensed to operate control points in Baghdad and Sulaimania province and has become the leading local operator in just a short time.


Changing the attitude and culture towards quality control locally is not easy but Lox Agency is committed to investing in the right technology and training to ensure our staff can rise to the challenge.


Lox Agency operates 3 border crossings: Parvez Khan International Border Crossing, the Pshta Border Crossing, and the Kele Border Crossing, in addition to this we also test locally produced goods. Each crossing has well equipped labs to carryout the necessary checks.


We are currently working towards becoming an ISO certified company both in administration (ISO 9001) and laboratory work (ISO 17001).