At IKG we are committed to the sustainable development of the region and we aim to always leave a positive footprint in the community. 
In the last couple of years we have actively sponsored sporting matches and leagues in Kirkuk, Chamchamal and Halabja. For one tournament in Kirkuk we proved $20,000 of sponsorship so that the event could go ahead. Sport promotes cross community relations as well as good physical and mental health, during the recent financial crisis funding has been cut for these areas and we have tried where possible to support and encourage young sports groups.
We have also sponsored a number of students through university; a lack of financial means should not stop gifted students from graduating and progressing in life. Some of those that we sponsored now work for us too.
Much of our work with Lox agency is in the border region with Iran, many of the villages there lack basic services and we have endeavoured where possible to help some of these villages by supplying services such as electricity to those villages in close proximity to our offices. We have also put together food and household supply packages to support struggling families in those areas.